Wednesday, 9 April 2014

variety Bash

on Thursday it was the variety Bash and ninja turtles  came all of them and only two smurfs came papa smurf and smurfettes

Camp at Napier aquarium

On Wednesday room 2 and room 3 traveled on the bus to Napier. We stopped at a different school to see what we could do to become a enviro school. We went to the aquarium. We got to look at all the fish, and the sharks and the turtles and the nemo fish and the alligators and the Parana's and the eels and the big Paku fish and the blue tongue skink and the Tuatara and other sea creatures like that. Then we went to Onekawa pools and I went on the hydro slides and I loved it I went on the hydro slide like about ten times. At Onekawa pools there was a obstical course I went on that like about 5 or 6 or maybe 9 times. Then we got out of the pools and then went to go for lunch and went back to the aquarium and made our beds then  had dinner and had super and went to bed.In the morning room 2 woke up and went o ocean spa it was so cool. Then went to have lunch and  then the aquarium people took us for a walk and then we went back to school.  The end  

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

1.don't push people
2.don't put all the ingredients on the floor
3.don't be rude
4.listen to instructions
5.clean up your  mess
6.respect food
7.leave some don't hog everything
8.respect the environment
9.sharing is caring 
On Thursday 20th march we made our teacher face out of biscuits we made miss o b and wheai pipe and we put white icing and green and red and we used hundred and thousand sprinkle's and chocolate chips         and little gray balls we made miss O'B like she was sick and we made wheai happy.